2012 Calendar of Events

6/16       Trainer Day    10A–2PM     Hosted By: John Logli

6/29 – 7/1  Heli’s Over Rockford 2012  Fun Fly (9AM-Til ???)

Night Fly Too! Hosted By: Ray Feurer

7/7        Water Fun Fly – Davis Junction 9:30A   Hosted By: Orv Steinmetz

7/14      Trainer Day         10A-2P    Hosted By: John Logli

8/12      Electric War Bird Pylon Racing  9 AM   Hosted By: Leroy Webb

8/18       Trainer Day         10A-2P    Hosted By: John Logli

8/19       Electric Fun Fly    9AM       Hosted By: Tim Scott

8/26       Club Picnic/Fun Fly    9:00 AM

The club meets on the first Wednesday every month at 7PM @ 3815 North Mulford Road, Rockford, IL except for the summer months we meet at the field 🙂


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