New Leadership Site Planning Committee Meets

The volunteer site committees all met this morning over a great breakfast to brainstorm and gather ideas about how to arrange the new fences on the flying field to best serve the members of our club. We are excited to propose our ideas in an upcoming meeting. In attendance was our new club president, Ron Clemons, along with Bob Eldridge, Al Perkins, Chuck Spinks, Orv Steinmetz, Gregory Hullmann and Leroy Webb. Gene Mercer also stopped by to enjoy the always exceptional breakfast from the fine folks at the Stockholm Inn. Leroy brought the “Safety in Model Flight Operations” 3 page document that we should use as a guideline.  He also brought copies of “Recommended RC Flying Site Specifications” for us to look at. Our plan is to make some nice detailed drawings to share with the club at one of our upcoming meetings so we can all be involved in the decision making process.


14 thoughts on “New Leadership Site Planning Committee Meets

  1. The committee that meet sat to brain storm on the layout of the flying field came up with a great layout of the field .
    The committee used A.M.A. recomended layout for safety at our field .
    you friend in flying .

  2. Excellent…hopefully this new website will be built to include similar information as our old website did, such as membership process, calendar, Board contact info, Training Days, etc, etc.

  3. Seems a little cumbersome but it’ll work. By he way, what was wrong with the “We’re Just Plane Fun” slogan?

  4. I just noticed that maybe my above question should have been placed somewhere else. But I don’t see a place where I can edit or remove my post. Do we have that ability?

  5. Another question would be how do prospective members find this site? How does this site get promoted to drive members from other clubs here? Is there a shortened web address?

    • Other clubs would have to add a link to our site on theirs in order for them to more easily find us. If their site is a blog, even the members can provide hyperlinks in their posts if they wish and their webmaster allows them

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